Our top 5 blogs of 2021!

1. The dramatic Latin American crisis

By José Antonio Ocampo

The author explains why the region needs a new development consensus, committed to reducing inequality, implementing stronger counter-cyclical macroeconomic policies, and spurring production and export diversification.

2. Three root causes of violence against women and how to tackle them

By Hyeshin Park and Gabrielle Woleske

This blog shows that more and better data on masculine norms and societies’ expectations for their men and boys, can equip policy makers with the information they need to shift social norms and measure success.

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3. Developing an Artificial Intelligence for Africa strategy

By François Candelon, Hind El Bedraoui and Hamid Maher

In this blog, the authors argue that from agriculture and remote health to translating the 2,000-odd languages spoken across the continent, AI can help tackle the economic problems that Africa faces.

4. Why should developing countries implement carbon pricing when even advanced economies fall woefully short?

By Jonas Teusch and Konstantinos Theodoropoulo

This blog delves into the many reasons why well-designed carbon price reforms can be in the best interests of developing and emerging economies, enabling them to respond to multiple pressing challenges beyond climate change.

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5. COVID-19 impact on higher education in Africa

By Peter Koninckx, Cunégonde Fatondji and Joel Burgos

This blog argues that although no quick-fix solution exists, by revealing the weaknesses in higher education in Africa, the current crisis has also highlighted where governments, international institutions, NGOs, and the private sector should focus their efforts.