Best of 2022

Our top 5 blogs of 2022!

Here are our most popular blogs of the past year

1. What is transformative change for gender equality and how do we achieve it?

Transformative change for gender equality

By Jenny HedmanLisa Williams and Laura McDonald

This blog shares four ways in which development organisations can tackle the root causes of gender inequalities and reshape unequal power relations. 

2. Why intersectional feminism matters for development

By Aviva Stein

The author examines how an intersectional feminist lens can help development professionals to dig deeper into the factors that affect and hinder efforts for equality.

3. To recover from the crisis, tax the wealth of multimillionaires like me

By Djaffar Shalchi

Up to USD 3 trillion is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This blog’s author argues that we need to tax the wealth of multimillionaires to fill the gap.

4. A faster path to digital transformation in Latin America

By Angel Melguizo, Eduardo Salido Cornejo and Welby Leaman

The authors make the case for greater public-private collaboration to accelerate inclusive digital transformation across Latin America and the Caribbean.

5. Forced migration in Nigeria is a development issue

Women in an Internally Displaced Persons in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, 2018.

By Fatima Mamman-Daura

This blog looks at how the global community can strengthen Nigeria’s forced migration response for maintaining peace and socio-economic development in Africa.